Busy bee

Hello folks! How are you all? I’ve been busy this past weeks that I don’t had the time to blog. August is almost over and I still have lots of work to be done, I wish to finish it all in time. I want to have some rest after this to recharge, because when the “ber” months start, because I’ll be busier.


Stop making excuses and make it happen!

I always find myself caught between the things that I WANT to do and the things that I MUST do. I have so many ideas running in my head, beautiful and great ideas that still and remained ideas until now. I know my life would be better if only I have the courage to take a risk and turn those ideas into reality. I know I must prioritized the MUST to make this ideas happen and I should organised my thoughts because time is running so fast so I must stop making excuses and make it happen!

Mountain view Resort

Hi! As promised in my previous post (Facing fears), I will share my experience when we went to Mountainview resort.

Three days after my brother came back home from Jeddah, KSA (where he’s working as Auto-Technician), he said that he wants to go to Bulacan to visit our lola and he also wants to go on swimming, but we don’t know which resort to go. I browse my feed in facebook to see where some of my friends went to spent their summer, and I saw a friends post that they’ve been to Mountainview, so I searched them to get their number so that I could inquire about their entrance fee and other fees, but their contact numbers are unreachable. In the morning of June 24, 2014 I try again to call their number and it’s still unreachable but we still push through our trip to our lola’s house, night came and I still can’t contact them. June 25, 2015, our group were ready but we still don’t know if we will go to Sitio buasao (location of Mountainview) or to Sitio Abo (I posted about this in my other blog: Abo Spring).

At 9:00 am, unsure if the resort is open that day, and without knowing about where it is exactly located, we still push our plan and went to Mountain View Resort, good thing because the place was a WOW, the one and a half hour travel from Angat was worth it.

While on our way to Sitio Buasao
Superman and Iron man statue welcomed us in the main gate.
Mountainview Resort room accomodations
The cottages, we rent a Php. 700.00 cottage good for 12 persons.
A glimpse of the pool and other cottages.
The red house, it has a private pool.

The place is a perfect place  for those who wants to disconnect to the world and relax. It is also good for company outing, team buildings and family outings. Kids will surely enjoy in their pool (with adult supervision) and slide, as I’ve said in my other post, I experienced my first pool slide here. My five year old nephew enjoyed the slide too, while my two other nephew (aged one and three) enjoyed the pool. And for those who love to take pictures (selfies) its a great place for you too.

With my cousin Elaine and two nephews
Uncle Obet while grilling some hotdogs and tilapia
Me, enjoying the private pool
Because we went their off season, we had the privilege to use the private pool.
I don’t know how to swim, so I must keep my grip on the pool side, haha.
View of the pools from the red house.
My mom and brother with my nephew Allen, uncle, aunts and cousin.
Hello from my brother and cousins
The whole gang, enjoying the pool.
See that! They were enjoying so much.
Having fun in the pool, we were the only visitor that day in the pool.

Because summer has ended and it was a weekday, there were only one group with us on that day (a Filipina celebrity with her family), but they were at the other side of the resort so the pool is all ours. We want to stay overnight but we didn’t bring extra clothes. So we enjoyed are stay until 5:00 pm.

Are group before we check out.

The whole day was tiring but we had fun, and we’ll definitely go back here. I did not had the chance to explore the whole resort so yeah, i will definitely go back!

Mountainview Resort is located at Sitio Buasao, Barangay Sapang Bulak, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan. Entrance fee for day time(8:00am-5:00pm) is Php.120.00, and for Php.150.00 for overnight(5:00pm-10:00pm). It is situated in mountainous place so expect poor signal (the reason why I can not contact them). You can check their FB page Mountainview Resort for room/cottages rates reference .



Never give up!

Have you ever feel so weak and tired  not just physically, but emotionally and mentally exhausted? It feels like you’re drowning in nonetity and no one seems to care? Alone in a room full of people, feeling so lost and you don’t know where to go….

You feel so drained and empty inside, weak and tired that you wanted so much to stop and not continue with your everyday battle and yet you still need to endure it all because someone is depending on you but you don’t know how to regain strength…

You wake up each morning without a plan. Confused of how things in your life moving so fast and you are left behind not knowing which path you must take for you to catch that vanishing purpose..

You’re alive and yet you feel like dying each day, full of regrets on things you’ve done wrong in the past. Wishing and hoping that you’ve done better, there were so many what ifs that are running in your head, so many unanswered questions that keeps on haunting you even in your dreams at night.

But despite all of this negativity you’re encountering each day, NEVER GIVE UP! Pray and seek GOD’s guidance, lift all your worries to him. And always remember that with GOD on your side, you’ll never be alone, just take time to talk to him and you’ll find comfort.

Facing fears

I do not know when or how it started but I have this odd fear in high places,  I remember when I was about to take an entrance exam in a University for my desired course and I found out that I have to go to the dean’s office first, which is located on the 5th floor of the college building before i can take the exam, I backed out and change my course to the one that will not require me to go up to any high floors for my subjects. It was not easy to live with such fear, most of the time, I have to ditch my friend’s invites to avoid situations where I have to face this fear. I do not enjoy family outings during summer where while my siblings and cousins were enjoying the pool slide, I, on the other hand is just sitting on one corner, watching, while I feel so envy of them, I wanted to try it too but I can’t because I can’t climb up to the top of that freaking slide, I can’t endure that dying feeling (hyperventilation) and aside from that I do not know how to swim! haha, such a loser I know, but hey, I am proud to say that I faced this fear last June 25, 2015, while we are in a resort in Bulacan (I will post an entry about this trip too).

My first attempt, I was contemplating if I will do it or not.
I looked so excited and brave here, but deep inside panic is starting, haha.
And I backed out, haha, but my cousin is still encouraging me to try it.
Because I backed out, my cousin Erish do it fisrt, followed by  my 5 year old nephew (such a shame I know) .
Second attempt, after minutes of thinking, I decided to do it, but I told my  cousin, don’t push me! haha.
Yey! I finally did it. Cousin and nephew are waiting for me to finished so they can slide again.
The view on top of the slide.

If your asking why or what made me decide to do it, well I think that it was the perfect day and perfect place for my first slide, why? One, there were no other group of people there on that day, there are no people that will judge me and say “ang arte naman nyan or ang tagal naman, alis na kung ayaw, kami na lang.” Two, the water level of beneath the slide is just right, unlike in some resort where water level is deep and I might drown, because again, I can’t swim! And while I was there, thinking if I will going to do it or not, I told myself that I have to do this now, because I know if I backed out, I will never have the courage to try it ever. It was a fun experience, I realized that I can face my fears if I really wanted.

30 Things to do before turning 30

Two months ago, while I was having dinner with a friend and discussing some stuffs, I realized that months from now I’ll be turning 30 and there are so many things that I have not try yet. So she suggested, why not try to make a list of things that I wanted to do or fears that I want to face. And after weeks of contemplating, I finally decided of doing it.

1. Plant a tree.

2. Take a trip and visit someone I know.

3. Start a business.

4. Join a fun run/marathon.

5. Overcome a fear. DONE ( Facing fears )

6. Take a course on something you’re interested in.

7. Start a workout regime and lose 60 pounds/

8. Sing in a karaoke/videoke machine.

9. Go some sort of adventure/adrenaline activity

10. Go to a movie/restaurant alone.

11. Became friends with someone you meet in unusual circumstances.

12. Meditate (Go on a retreat).

13. Stop drinking soda.

14. Do and finish a 30 days something.

15. Take a spontaneous trip.

16. Learn photography.

17. Have a hobby.

18. Start a collection.

19. Explore my own city.

20. Participate in a fundraising event.

21. Read the top 10 classic novel.

22. Ride a horse.

23. Plant and nurture a herb garden.

24. Take a road trip with a friend.

25. Shower in a waterfall.

26.Try hiking/trekking.

27. Learn to swim.

28. Travel alone.

29. Step out of my comfort zone.

30. Forgive yourself for mistakes.

I realized that life is too short so I better enjoy it while I still have the chance. How about you? Do you have some things in mind that you want to accomplish before you reach a certain age?

What keeps me busy?

I am back again! 🙂

I’ve been too busy this past months that I can’t find time to blog, so many things had happen that I wanted to share, some were bad but most were good and I wanted to focus on the good ones.

First is I’m back to school again, after almost 3 years of stopping, I decided to go back and enroll again, because I believe in the importance of education and I want to fulfill my parents only dream, to see us all their children finish are studies, and among my siblings, I am the only one who hasn’t done yet, so I vow to myself that I’ll finish it no matter what.

Second one is, we’re about to open our business, it is an online-shop for apparel and accessories! I am soooo much exited about this one, it was my long time dream to put up a business and now, with the help of my siblings, it is now about to happen, we will be opening next moth and I will post an entry about it soon when our store is finally open.


If there is one thing that I am scared of the most, it’s “death“. I figured out that the root of all my fears is death, whether my own death or a death of a love one. I am afraid to go to places with high heights, because I’m afraid of falling from it. I can’t ride an elevator because I’m afraid to be trap inside a close room. And all of this were leading to my greatest fear, DEATH. I am afraid to die before I’ll be able to accomplish my dreams for me and my family. It scares me that lately I’ve been dreaming of it almost every night.

I am afraid of the thought of being permanently separated from people that who were close to my heart, that no matter how I want to, I can not see, talk and hold them anymore. I do not want the feeling of losing someone, and being left out.

I know that death is unavoidable and a traitor too. That no one knows when it will occur, so I’m always praying to the Lord to continuously give me, my parents, siblings and our love ones the grace of a long life.

A roller coaster ride of emotion

2014 was not that great year for me, but still a lot of things happened to be thankful for. I have learned a lot, you’ve thought  me lessons in life and memories that I’ll treasure.

I experienced lose and gained new things. I cried, I laughed, be in-love and got hurt with the same person and moved on. You made me realized that life is really short; I committed a lot of mistakes that I regretted now because there’s so much time that I wasted, but still I’m thankful that I had experienced it because it made me stronger, and made me value things and people around me  that I usually take for granted.

I’ve also learned to forgave those people who cause me and my family so much pain and let go of that extra baggage that I’ve been carrying for so many years.

And for 2015, I know this year will be a great year for me and my family.